Ken Barlow (William Roache) was called out for his duplicity in tonight's Coronation Street (14th December), after love interests Martha Fraser (Stephanie Beacham) and Wendy Papadopoulos (Roberta Kerr) got the ultimate revenge.


The cobbles veteran previously had affairs with both Wendy and Martha several years ago when he was married to late soulmate Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride). This year, both of Ken's ex-lovers made returns to the ITV soap - and suddenly he was playing the field just like the old days!

Wendy wanted to make amends for her past behaviour, and she and Ken grew close. They decided to rekindle their relationship, and Ken seemed to be content - until Martha arrived and left him torn between two lovers.

Martha was initially unimpressed with Ken, recalling how he had ended their past affair. But once they cleared the air, Ken enjoyed spending time with her.

But he failed to mention to Wendy that he had been in Martha's company quite so much. Yet when she found out, Wendy realised she didn't have romantic feelings for Ken after all. She told him she just wanted to be friends, which disappointed Ken as he had just decided that he preferred Wendy over Martha.

When Martha learned that Ken and Wendy were no longer together, he let her believe that he had been the one to end the relationship. With Martha's own feelings having resurfaced, she asked Ken to move to Hull with her, where she would be performing in her next project.

Ken was tempted, but first they had a play to put on, and after a venue emergency, the event was held at the Bistro.

Wendy and Martha in Coronation Street
Martha and Wendy finally meet in Coronation Street. ITV

With one of the actresses having broken her leg, Martha offered to step into the role. But before the show started, Martha came face-to-face with guest Wendy and introduced herself. Martha apologised for 'stealing' Ken away now that they were an item, but Wendy revealed that it was she who had dumped Ken, not the other way around.

Martha was not happy, and she and Wendy decided to have a thorough chat. Later on stage, Martha suddenly went off-script. Much to co-writer Ken's horror, Martha publicly shamed him for lying, and he squirmed in his seat.

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But the best was yet to come when Ken met with Wendy in the Rovers and tried his luck again - only for Martha to walk in and reveal that she and Wendy were heading to Hull together. Wendy would now be assisting Martha in her next play instead, and Ken was gobsmacked as the pair left together. That'll teach him!

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