This article includes discussions of stalking that some readers may find distressing.


Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has recently found herself on the receiving end of a stalker called Justin. The character is played by Andrew Still, and now the actor has offered an insight into Justin's mindset for the first time.

Justin began harassing Daisy with messages, convinced that they are a couple. Then, Justin turned up at a wedding fayre Daisy was attending; and after he followed her back to the Street, she reported him to the police.

Speaking about what has brought Justin to this point, Still says: “I see Justin as kind of this troubled guy, and we are meeting him at his lowest point in his life. His mum, [who] he’s been caring for, is dying of cancer; so in his emotional state he’s latching right onto [Daisy].

“We’re finding him in this really emotional, damaged state. This is playing a lot into his thought process and decision-making. Breaking into his behaviour, I think he’s got something I’d researched that can happen with stalking.

“He’s got these repetitive thought patterns, and they’ve become really impulsive. There are other things about him, traits that I don’t think he’d recognise in himself, but others might: narcissism, manipulative, jealous, controlling behaviours.

Andrew Still as Justin and Charlotte Jordan as Daisy in Coronation Street
Andrew Still as Justin and Charlotte Jordan as Daisy in Coronation Street. ITV

Still, who previously starred in Hollyoaks and the original series of Waterloo Road, also revealed just how deep-rooted Justin’s distorted views are.

“I think he sees himself as the ultimate good guy, and [that] the world is out to get him. He’s just got this delusional belief of this romantic destiny, which again is something stalkers can develop.”

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Asked whether Justin can see how wrong his behaviour is, the actor thinks not. “Ultimately, no. With Daisy, we’re sort of seeing the relationship progress - from his point of view, the relationship [progressing]. I think there’s a lot of different phases to how he tries to get with Daisy.

“At the start it’s all about love-bombing her; the flowers, the chocolates, and then when he shows up he’s expecting it to play out like this romcom, which obviously doesn’t happen.

“But again, that’s part of his delusional thinking. He honestly, truly believes that in that moment, when he turns up at the wedding fayre, they are going to run off together; that’s his thought process. And after it doesn’t turn out that way, he realises he’s going to have to be a bit more strategic.”

Andrew Still as Justin in Coronation Street
Andrew Still as Justin in Coronation Street. ITV/Danielle Baguley

In upcoming scenes, Daisy receives a voicemail from Justin, who explains that he found her phone number on a delivery package in his role as a courier. He then sends her an endless stream of texts - but things are set to spiral once more.

Saskia Garner, a representative from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, says: “At the point of rejection, one party, normally the stalker, perceives and realises, and takes on board the fact that the victim isn’t going to partake in the relationship they want; in this case with an intimacy seeker, or perhaps with other typologies - they’ve been in a relationship and the person wants to regain that relationship.

“When they realise that’s not going to happen, that can be a real trigger for an escalation of violence and aggression towards the victim.

“It is really important for Coronation Street to cover this issue in order to raise awareness of this prolific crime, as it affects many people and can have a devastating impact on people’s lives - yet many people may not recognise the behaviours as stalking.”

You can find help and support around stalking by contacting the National Stalking Helpline on 08088020300, or visiting You can also visit Safeguarding Hub.

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