Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) received an unexpected boost after a very difficult day in tonight's Coronation Street (30th September).


After serving almost 30 years for murder, Stu is being supported by friend Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and new legal representative Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) as they work to prove he was innocent all along - but it's been a rocky road so far, as every lead has come to a dead end.

Tonight, Dee Dee met with Alya and Stu to go over her findings after reading his old case files. She pointed out that the original investigation was full of holes, as it seemed that several people close to victim Charlie weren't even interviewed, let alone questioned.

Dee Dee asked Alya whether she could clarify the original statement from Stu's wife Lucy (Lynda Rooke), who had claimed that she didn't hear Stu arrive home on the night of the murder.

Alya explained that Lucy wouldn't be interested in helping, but offered to speak to Stu's daughter Bridget (Beth Vyse) as she knew where she was working. Bridget was hesitant at first, but she heard Alya out and revealed that she used to sleep with headphones in, so was unlikely to have heard her father come home. Alya then appealed to Bridget over the years she had lost with Stu, giving her food for thought.

Alya and Bridget in Coronation Street
Alya asked Bridget about the night of the murder. ITV

While Yasmeen (Shelley King) took care of the reopening of Speed Daal back on the Street, Dee Dee resolved to find the detective, Lennox, who had coerced Stu into confessing. Before long, she headed to see Stu and Alya with an address.

Stu resolved to return to the restaurant to help Yasmeen, but it soon transpired that he had taken the address and stormed over to confront Lennox instead. At the former detective's house, Stu spoke to the man's wife, who was keen to get rid of Stu. Eventually, she told Stu that her husband was dead, and Stu began to leave in dismay.

But when he heard Lennox calling out to her from the garden, Stu rushed through and came face to face with the man he blamed for his ordeal. He tried to force a confession from Lennox, who didn't even recognise him. Stu became angry as he continued to question him and Lennox's wife was furious as she threatened to call the police.

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As Dee Dee and Alya realised where Stu was, they managed to convince the woman not to call the police. She revealed that Lennox had dementia, so he wouldn't be able to admit anything even if he could. As Stu, Alya and Dee Dee fled, Stu briefly wondered whether Lennox's situation was genuine, before accepting that it was.

Things were looking more and more bleak for Stu as the group gathered at Speed Daal, but at the last minute, Bridget walked in. Saying that Alya's words had hit home, she asked Stu if he would like to meet his granddaughter Eliza. Stu was thrilled to accept, with Bridget promising to bring the child to see him soon.

Will Stu's family reunion go well, and will a new lead appear for his case soon?

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