Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) was left in a panic in tonight's Coronation Street (7th June) after both her mum Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) and young son Harry (Freddie Rhodes) caught her out for cheating.


Having been charmed by Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths), Sarah has had a few passionate liaisons with him behind her husband Adam's (Sam Robertson) back.

As the ITV soap continued, Sarah had a quick catch up with old friend Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce); but the day took a turn when Damon called round at the flat with a bottle of wine for Adam, wanting to thank him for his work on the Bistro's late licence.

When Sarah explained that Adam was working, Damon invited himself to stay for a chat, and Sarah, against her better judgement, agreed. Things were awkward between the two, with Sarah feeling guilty about the risk of being alone with Damon after their previous passion. While she explained that she loved Adam, it was clear that she had feelings for Damon as he admitted he wanted to be with her.

Sarah was just about to kiss him when Gail walked in with an unwell Harry, and Sarah immediately felt terrible over her behaviour, as well as the fact that she hadn't believed her son was ill that morning on the school drop off.

Gail was suspicious over her daughter's shifty behaviour, but soon left. It didn't take long for Damon and Sarah to pick up where they left off with a passionate kiss before he fled - but neither of them realised that Harry was watching nearby!

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As Gail returned to look after Harry while Sarah had a meeting, Sarah said that he was a bit moody. Gail asked about Damon, before revealing that he reminded her of Sarah's late father Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten) as someone who rather fancies himself.

But it was only later, when Gail asked her grandson about his drawing, that she uncovered the truth about Sarah kissing "the other man." Confronting Sarah upon her return home, Gail listened as Sarah admitted just how far the affair had gone, adding that she had felt wanted and excited by Damon.

Gail urged Sarah to stop what she was doing as it wouldn't end well, and Sarah vowed that she had got Damon out of her system. But she soon headed to see him, telling him of these new developments, and how terrible she felt about Harry knowing their secret. Damon suggested they make a go of it together, but she ordered him to stay away from her.

At home, Sarah had a chat with Harry and tried to convince him that he was confused about her kiss. Harry accused her of telling lies when she had taught him not to, but Sarah asked him to keep quiet anyway. Will Sarah crumble under her guilt?

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