Sarah Barlow (played by Tina O'Brien) has been very naughty indeed on Coronation Street, having an affair with bad boy Damon (Ciarán Griffiths) while husband Adam (Sam Robertson) sits at home.


She's been allured by his devious ways and has found his undeniable charm completely irresistible.

But the bit of fun she's been having won't last for long when she finds herself right in the middle of a baby bombshell!

Actress Tina spilled all on the explosive storyline to at the British Soap Awards, confirming a nightmare is on the way for Sarah-Lou.

"She's been misbehaving and as it's soap land, I can't see it's going to stay in the box for long. We're seven weeks ahead and I'll be honest, there's a lot more to come. It won't stay in the box for long. It's the tip of the iceberg," Tina teased.

Sam Robertson as Adam, Ciarán Griffiths as Damon and Tina O'Brien as Sarah in Coronation Street.
Sam Robertson as Adam, Ciarán Griffiths as Damon and Tina O'Brien as Sarah in Coronation Street. ITV

Speaking about what's on the way, she shared: "There's more to do with the fact that Sarah gets caught out and then there's going to be more bad news when she finds out she's expecting and we don't know who the father is... and then it goes on beyond that."

Who does Tina think the father is? "I hope for goodness sake it's Adam's, but I imagine it's not going to be! If I was a betting woman I think the writers will go with Damon because it's a more interesting story but who knows?"

As for Tina's response to Sarah's wicked ways, she's just as frustrated with her character!

"I think she genuinely loves Adam, I don't know what she's doing!"

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