Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has addressed Daniel Osbourne's complicated feelings in what's shaping up to be a love triangle with Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor.


As the trial for the acid attack at the hands of Daisy's stalker Justin is underway, Daniel can't help but notice a spark between his fiancée and Ryan, who was left injured when protecting his friend.

"[Daniel] really wishes he was there to protect her from the acid attack," Mallard told press including

"She is Daniel's and he is hers; they have given themselves to each other and they were going to get married so he feels like it's his job to protect her. So he feels like, deep down, he should have been the one to save her from the acid attack."

Alison King, Rob Mallard and Ryan Prescott as Carla, Daniel and Ryan in Coronation Street.
Carla, Daniel and Ryan in Coronation Street. ITV

As the bond between the characters played by Charlotte Jordan and Ryan Prescott grows stronger, Daniel will be left feeling paranoid, particularly given the two friends' romantic history.

"Daniel understands that Daisy and Ryan have a connection to each other that he will never be a part of because they both survived something horrific together and that bonds people," Mallard explained.

"But because Daisy and Ryan used to date each other very briefly, there is something in the back of Daniel's mind that makes him think, 'There is always a chance that this may make them rekindle something between them.'"

During the trial, Daniel will clock a glance between Daisy and Ryan which is set to make him spiral and confront his partner.

"It's a pure paranoia moment where his insecurity gets the better of him and he can't help but assume the worst," he said.

"In Roy's Rolls, when Daniel challenges Daisy about the tension between her and Ryan, she rationalises it away as just the connection that they have with each other.

"But Daniel thinks that there is something going on between them. He wouldn't have brought it up to Daisy on the day of the verdict if his paranoia and his suspicions weren't strong. He has a niggling feeling in the back of his mind that he is being lied to."

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