Coronation Street has some heartbreak in store for Kirk Sutherland as Beth's meetings with her ex-boyfriend may soon be revealed.


The ITV soap has seen the character played by Lisa George taking a stroll down memory lane with her ex Marco (Paul Albertson). While nothing has happened, she chose to keep it a secret from Kirk (Andy Whyment), with the situation snowballing from there.

"She has blatantly lied to Kirk, that is the bigger issue here," George told press, including

"There is nothing going on with Marco but it all happened so fast and now she doesn't want to hurt Kirk by admitting she has been seeing her ex boyfriend and lying to him about where she has been. That is the biggest mistake she has made."

George said Beth is"'flattered" and enjoying Marco's attentions, though it soon becomes clear he wants more than just a friendly meet-up and is keen on rekindling their romance.

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On top of that, Beth had a bit of a reality check when she caught Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) doing the same to her son Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) by meeting Jackson Hodge (Joseph Evans) behind his back. Despite really caring for her son, Beth keeps Faye's secret for fear she would be exposed.

"She thinks she can handle it and thinks she has got the situation under control and is telling herself there is no harm in it," the Coronation Street star said.

Beth meets Marco one more time on Coronation Street.
Beth agrees to see Marco again in Coronation Street. ITV

"Life can get a bit monotonous with the day to day stresses and it is nice to remember what you used to be like. That is what happens with Marco, she feels young again. It is a bit of excitement," she continued.

Despite her best intentions, Beth decides to see Marco again. When he leans on for a kiss, she pushes him away but doesn't know she's being watched.

"He clearly thinks she feels the same way as he goes to kiss her," George said.

"She is really flustered and tells him straight away that she is married to Kirk and this isn't something that she wants – but she is unaware that she has been seen by someone," she explained, adding that it is "only a matter of time" before Kirk finds out.

Will the couple survive this breach of trust?

"Kirk means everything to Beth and she will want to put her all into fighting for their relationship," the actress added.

"I think they can get through this but it might take some time for Kirk to trust her again, but he will be really hurt and she knows she has done wrong."

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