Brody confronts Dean over Ziggy romance in Home and Away

Does he want a future with Simone or to rekindle with his ex?


News spreads around Summer Bay that Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) are Home and Away‘s hottest new couple when they return on Monday 1st July, having got together while they were away in the bush taking part in a motor rally, and Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) is floored to see his ex moving on with another man.


Home from their racy road trip, Zig is soon confused when her new man makes it obvious he wants to keep his distance once they’re back home and wonders if he’s regretting their hook-up already.


Contemplating the state of play with Ms Astoni over a beer at Salt, brooding Dean is questioned by suspicious – and clearly jealous – Brody, but refuses to divulge the gory details to the man who betrayed her.

Eventually Ziggy confronts Dean at his caravan and the pair realise it’s simply a case of crossed wires as Dean didn’t want to come on too strong in front of her family before she had a chance to tell them they were in the early stages of romance – all is forgiven and the couple seal their union with a kiss, witnessed by Ziggy’s estranged husband Brody and new lover Simone Bedford (Emily Eskell) – the woman he left her for…

Does Brody still love Ziggy?

Later, Simone is stoked to have found the perfect new business for her and Brody to invest in now Salt has been sold, but Mr Morgan is less than enthusiastic upon realising the new eating establishment she’s found is way up in the Yarra Valley and says it’s too far away from his siblings to consider upping sticks.


On Tuesday 2nd July, while loved up Ziggy and Dean go public, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) sees how cool his little brother is about the new pairing and senses he’s clinging onto residual feelings about how his marriage ended and letting them get in the way of a future with Simone.

Calling him out, Justin lays it on the line to Brody – it’s time to get over Ziggy, put what they had in the past and let her be happy – and for him to fully commit to Simone and makes a fresh start together.

Simone, still privately put out that Brody dismissed the idea of the restaurant she had her heart set on, is delighted when her fella reveals he’s had a change of heart and announces he’s booked them flights to Melbourne so they can explore opportunities of living and working away from the Bay…

Will Brody and Simone get their happy ending? And have Ziggy and Dean got staying power as a pair or was it just a holiday fling?


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