Ziggy Morgan (played by Sophie Dillman) has been drinking and partying-up a storm since the break-up of her marriage in Home and Away. But her wild ways have terrible consequences for her mate, Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor)...


On Friday 31st May, surfer dude Dean gets beaten-up and left for dead by a bunch of rowdy hoodlums after he confronts one of the lads, Mark, who tries to get a bit handsy with Ziggy during a drunken party at the Caravan Park.

While Ziggy is blissfully unaware of Dean's fate as she sleeps off yet another night of partying, there's a shock for her dad Ben (Rohan Nichol) on the Aussie soap on Monday 3rd June when he finds his surf board co-worker Dean in a bad way, after being beaten-up and left unconscious in a ditch...

Home and Away, Dean Thompson
Dean's in a bad way after being beaten-up. (Picture: Channel 5)

Ben brings Dean back to the family Farm House where Ziggy is shocked and horrified when she discovers Dean was attacked trying to protect her.

But to the relief of Ziggy's worried parents Ben and Maggie, it seems this could be the harsh wake-up call the garage mechanic needs to shake her from the state she's fallen into since discovering her husband Brody's (Jackson Heywood) affair with school teacher Simone Bedford (Emily Eskell).

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Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson
Can Dean find a way to help Ziggy move past her marriage break-up? (Picture: Channel 5)

On Tuesday 4th June, Dean has a brainwave about a project that could help Ziggy re-focus and finally move on from Brody. But what is it?

CLUE: It involves something to do with a wreck on four wheels!


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