While Disney+’s The Mandalorian has done a good job at carving out its own corner of the Star Wars universe, it was inevitable that it would begin to cross over more with more familiar areas as the series continued.


And in the second season’s fifth episode this came to a head with the live-action debut of Ahsoka Tano, a fan-favourite character from the animated TV series (specifically Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) now played by Rosario Dawson and whose arrival was greeted ecstatically by viewers.

Describing her comeback as “epic” and praising the quality of the animated character’s transition to live-action, fans so far seem pretty happy with how she was translated to screen. A bit of a miracle considering how difficult to please Star Wars fans can often be…

“What a monumental day for the entire Star Wars community,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another said: “It was incredible, amazing, spine chilling, iconic. Ahsoka Tano was spectacular."

“To think I lived to see the day that my favourite Star Wars character would see live action,” added a different fan.

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Praise was particularly heaped on episode director Dave Filoni, who as the creator of Ahsoka (and both animated series she appeared in) was credited for smoothly bringing her into the live-action world.

“Damn Filoni really took his position and got Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and Thrawn all back for the live action series, setting up Disney+'s future to be the greatest Star Wars live action in a while,” a fan wrote on social media.

Though Dawson, taking over the character from voice actor Ashley Eckstein, was also singled out for positive comments.

“She was done right, incredibly well,” a fan wrote. “Rosario Dawson did an amazing job!”

It’s currently unclear whether this was a one-off cameo for Ahsoka, or whether the character could continue to play a major role in The Mandalorian going forward, but one thing is for sure – if she does come back for the finale or any future series, there’ll be an eager audience waiting for her.

Ahsoka lives!


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