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Supernatural is ending after 15 series

The Winchester brothers are bidding farewell to fighting monsters after 14 years

Supernatural cast (Getty)
Published: Monday, 25th March 2019 at 11:44 am

The upcoming fifteenth season of Supernatural will be the sci-fi show’s last, the main cast have confirmed.


The series, which launched in 2005, follows the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) as they battle monsters, demons and even the Devil himself.

Adding fan-favourite angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins) in the fourth series, Supernatural quickly became a cult hit amongst fans. Its 14-year tenure makes it the longest-running sci-fi series on American television.

Collins, Padalecki and Ackles confirmed the news of Supernatural’s ending on Instagram.

“We just told the crew that although we’re very, very excited about moving into our fifteenth season, it will be our last,” Ackles explained.

“It’s been fifteen series of a show that has definitely changed my life, and I know it’s changed these two guys’s lives, and we wanted you to hear it from us that it will be the big grand finale of an institution.”

Collins added, “We love you guys and this family is not going anywhere even though the show will come to an end.”

Ackles also had a message from Eric Kripke, the creator of the series, explaining, “In a show about family, it is amazing and it is the pride of [Eric’s] life that we became family.”

Although the cast have all said that this is the end of the show, Ackles couldn’t help but tease there may be more Supernatural in the future, captioning the videos, “Nothing really ends in Supernatural, does it?”

It has also reignited rumours that the Supernatural spin-off, which was canned by network the CW in 2018, may be back on track.

Supernatural leads and show runners (Getty)

Current showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb said in a statement, "Firstly, we would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the show both in front of and behind the camera.

"For us it has been an experience of a lifetime. The support we have had from both Warner Bros Television and The CW has been incredible. We’d like to give special thanks to Jensen, Jared and Misha for making this journey so special. It is now most important to us to give these characters that we love the send off they deserve."


The final series, which is set to wrap up Supernatural in a suitably horrific fashion, will be comprised of 20 episodes, and will air next year.

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