It's been a long time coming but we finally have a new dystopia to delve into in the form of Apple TV+'s Silo, based on the Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey.


The series, starring Rebecca Ferguson as main character Juliette, follows the inhabitants of an underground silo – but no one really knows the truth of why they're there.

Fans of the books are thrilled that the adaptation is finally here, especially after previous plans to make a film version were scrapped.

Author Howey, meanwhile, who was in the writers' room for the series, said the show not only allowed him a faithful adaption of the novel, but allowed him to add more in.

He exclusively told "Getting to show Holston and Juliette working together and having conversations, when I wrote the book, I wrote it in a serialised fashion. I didn't know there would be anything beyond the first 56 pages. The short story Wool was the whole thing.

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Hugh Howey and director Morten Tyldum
Hugh Howey and director Morten Tyldum ave Benett/Getty Images for Apple

"Not all the characters in that story make it to the end and there is some backstory alluded to, times that they overlapped with future characters, and that was all I could do at the time because I'd already published that first bit when the success of that story necessitated writing more.

"So having Juliette and Holston work together on a case is like two sentences in the novel and here we get to tell it over episodes and, for me, that was such a thrill to be able to tell that part and I think it's going to be huge fan service to the readers."

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Howey added: "So far we've been able to tell even more than what's in the books. We've been able to add to it rather than take away."

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, the author is also hoping for more seasons of the show to be able to tell the story of the full trilogy, since the first season only covers the first novel.

"You have to rely on the reception, the quality of the product, the faith in the studio, that you get to tell the rest of the story," he said. "We left a lot out because we haven't got to tell the entire saga yet. There are so many stages to this."

He added: "My sense is that if we try to tell all three books, the whole trilogy, it would probably take four seasons, possibly. But there's a way to tell it in three and those conversations are just always ongoing."

Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+ now with new episodes dropping weekly on Fridays. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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