Apple TV+ show Silo has come to its climatic conclusion - leaving more burning questions as fresh secrets unravelled.


The dystopian series, adapted from the Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey, follows Rebecca Ferguson as engineer-turned sheriff Juliette Nichols as she heads up a community living in a silo buried underground.

Members of the silo have been warned that if they leave to enter the outside world, they do so at pain of death - although some begin to question whether the world outside is as dangerous as they have been led to believe.

With all records destroyed, the community is oblivious as to what happened before life on the silo began - that is, until Juliette starts digging for information following her promotion to sheriff when David Oyelowo's Sheriff Holston leaves her in charge.

Luckily, season 2 of Silo has been confirmed, with Ferguson returning as Juliette, so fans can look forward to more post-apocalyptic adventures down below.

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So, read on for everything you need to know about the Silo season 1 finale.


Silo ending explained: What's really outside the silo in Apple TV+ hit?

Rashida Jones and David Oyelowo in Silo, embracing each other
Rashida Jones and David Oyelowo in Silo. Apple TV+

Throughout the series, one big question has dominated the curious minds inside the silo: does the display on the inside actually reflect what's on the outside?

We got a big clue when Allison (Rashida Jones) left the silo. Allison believed that the bleak view on the display was false, and that actually the skies were blue outside. She told her husband Holston (David Oyelowo) that if she was right, when she got outside, she would use her wool to clean the display - which she eventually did.

But episode 10 is the first time we see outside for ourselves. As Juliette's request to leave the silo is granted, she tells Bernard: "I'm not afraid" and steps out - into a world that appears to have green grass, trees, and birdsong.

"The display is a lie," she says, before turning back to the camera and dropping her wool, becoming the first person the history of the silo to refuse to clean.

She appears to come across Holston's body, but then stumbles into a rock, with her hand going right through it, making it clear that it's an illusion of some sort. She places his Sheriff's badge on the ground, returning it after he left it to her.

Avi Nash in Silo, wearing a blue jacket
Avi Nash in Silo.

As Juliette makes it up the hill, she sees lush grass for miles beyond. In the silo, Bernard rushes to the server room - and Juliette's view immediately changes to show the bleak landscape she's been told is out there, proving that the beautiful landscape was actually a false view, not the view in the silo.

That's not all - as the camera pans upwards, it shows what appear to be countless other silos, with a city landscape on the horizon.

What does the end of Silo season 1 mean?

Speaking about what Juliette's feeling in that moment, author Howey told "Try to put yourself in her place. Of all the things you could expect to see when you get over the hill, what she finds has got to be the very last thing on her list and the heartbreak.

"If you feel like your people have it tough and you get to the top and having that magnified, that mix of terror but also maybe hope and maybe fear."

What happens to Juliette in the silo?

As we leave Juliette at the end of season 1, she's managed to survive longer than anyone else who's left the silo.

However, she quickly discovers that the view on her visor is a deception, and sees the reality of the desolate landscape, with countless more silos out there.

It's assumed that Juliette will continue her journey on the outside to discover what - and who - lies within the other silos.

Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+ - you can sign up to Apple TV+ here. Hugh Howey's Wool Trilogy is available to buy now.

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