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Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House has scared the living daylights out of Twitter

The new series is packed with hidden ghosts – and an extremely scary Bent Neck Lady

Published: Tuesday, 16th October 2018 at 12:05 pm

Step aside Stranger Things: there’s a new Netflix series scaring the jeepers out of people. It may not feature a Demogorgon, but The Haunting of Hill House – a supernatural drama telling the story of one family plagued by tragedy (and several ghosts) in an old mansion – is giving viewers some serious nightmares.


Seriously, never watch a horror series right before bedtime...

And there’s one spirit in particular that’s haunting fans: The Bent Neck Lady.

Viewers are freaked out by the hidden ghosts scattered throughout the 10-part show...

But despite the scares, most people are really enjoying the series – especially episode six, a 60-minute single-take.

So, how exactly did the crew film episode six? How did the actors deal with this massive continuous shot? What were the rehearsals like? And was the entire thing almost a complete disaster thanks to a critical equipment failure at the last minute?


Funny you should ask: we sat down with the cast of Hill House who explained everything here.

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