The best horror movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix

From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to The Haunting of Hill House, there's so much to binge this Halloween – even if there is no new Stranger Things...

Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

Netflix is unleashing a whole shuffling host of horror movies and TV shows to binge watch.


Although fans will badly miss the third season of Stranger Things, the streaming service giant still has plenty on offer for subscribers to scare themselves silly with.

Here’s some of the best horror titles available to stream this October…

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

While it may be based on the same Archie comics as its sister show, the similiarities between the two series’ pretty much end there as Netflix’s reimagining of Sabrina are less Teenage Witch, and more Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Taking the magic wand from Melissa Joan Hart, Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka plays the titular Sabrina Spellman, following her struggle to reconcile her witch side with her mortality.

It’s a distinctly bleaker, darker and more macabre version of Sabrina’s adventures of Greendale – and not for the faint-hearted. Release date: 26th October 2018


Part documentary, part supernatural drama, Haunted shows real people sitting down with their loved ones to share terrifying true stories where they encountered extraordinary supernatural events. Their creepy capers are then re-created through highly chilling re-enactments.

Fronted by the executive producers of hugely successful Purge franchise, Haunted is likely to follow in the same bloodthirsty vein. Hold tight. Release date: 19th October 2018

The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix’s reimagining of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 classic novel offers far more than just jump scares for thrill seekers. Following a group of siblings who grew up in one of the USA’s  most infamous houses, they are forced to return as adults to confront their haunted past – both literally and figuratively.

Actor Michiel Huisman said the series was more than just a horror show, explaining, “It’s really a family drama. It’s an amazing way into the story.” Release date: 12th October 2018

Stranger Things

Eleven in Stranger Things

We have bad news: Netflix isn’t returning to Hawkins, India this Halloween. After two seasons of stunning fantasy adventure, season three will not be released until 2019. However, that doesn’t stop fans diving right back in to the Upside Down… Watch on Netflix


A brother-sister team of tricksters fake exorcisms for quick cash, but things get all too real for the team at a job at a foster home where a dozen young girls were brutally slaughtered.

Based in 1986 Glasgow, Malevolent far outstrips more modern horror movies by eliminating mod-cons and mobile phones, building up old-school tension from the outset – before slashing it to ribbons with a gory and blood-curling finale. Watch now on Netflix


Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens is at the helm of this Netflix original film which follows Thomas Richardson, a man who goes searching for his missing sister after she is kidnapped by a religious sect – headed up by a manic Michael Sheen.

Written by The Raid franchise creator Gareth Evans, Apostle is set to be similarly brutal and intense, loaded with gaudy religious imagery and graphic yet admirably inventive scenes of violence. Release date: 12th October 2018

Derren Brown: Sacrifice

(Netflix, BA)

From correctly predicting the Lottery numbers to using Mind Control to urge a woman to kill a cat, illusionist Derren Brown is no stranger to pushing boundaries.

His next outing on Netflix looks set to be of similar ilk to his predecessors, with the 37-year-old concocting a experiment in which he aims to transform a man’s prejudiced views using psychological techniques, to the extent that the man in question would take a bullet for a complete stranger. It’s the first of two Netflix specials Brown has coming up on the streaming site this year, so we still have more of Brown’s psychological trickery waiting to pounce. Release date: 19th October 2018

The Night Comes For Us

After sparing a young girl’s life during a bloody massacre, former elite Triad assassin Arian is targeted by his ex-gang members, with his actions sparking a violent battle on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia. Writer/director Timo Tjahjanto, who also wants the film adapted into a graphic novel, promised a “truckload” of dead bodies on screen in this blood, guts and gore heavily thriller. Release date: 19th October 2018

Super Monsters Save Halloween

Somewhat more family-friendly Halloween viewing, sugary sweet Super Monsters Save Halloween is definitely more treat than trick. The Super Monsters band together and use their powers to get their neighbours into the spirit of Halloween, before helping a more anxious friend. Totally adorable television. Watch on Netflix

Castlevania: Season 2

After the hugely popular first season took Netflix by surprise, the original anime based on the classic 80’s video game is back in time for Halloween.

While Dracula’s grief-crazed rampage rages on across Eastern Europe, the last member of now disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor, takes it upon himself to prevent the extinction of humanity.

Graphic, violent and peppered with bad language, the second season of Castlevania is set to be just as popular as the first. And with a third season reportedly already in the works, we can expect even more twists and turns to come. Release date: 26th October 2018

I Spit On Your Grave

A truly chilling remake of the internationally banned 1978 cult film of the same name. When novelist Jennifer Hills travels to Louisiana to work on her next book, she is brutally attacked and raped by five men, escaping into the river only to be shot dead.

She then decides to seek revenge on her attackers – strangling one, having birds peck the eyes out of another, castrating a third… Watch on Netflix


In an alternative universe, mankind has warred against vampires for centuries, with totalitarian organisation The Church constructing giant walled cities to protect the last of humanity. The cities are protected by elite fighters, known as priests, who have been trained to keep the vampires at bay. One such veteran priest is brought out of retirement when he hears his niece has been kidnapped by vampires… Watch on Netflix

The Twilight Saga

Netflix has served up all five films in the Twilight saga for fans to sink their teeth into.

We all know the story by now – beautiful but isolated teenager Bella Swan moves to a new town where she falls for beautiful but isolated vampire Edward Cullen. The pair awkwardly meander through the trials and tribulations their star-crossed relationship brings (including Bella’s brief dalliance with Jacob the Werewolf) but eventually **spoilers** they get married and have a baby and live happily ever after in their massive house.


The scariest thing about Twilight is not the acting, but the fact it spawned bonk-a-thon 50 Shades of Grey. Watch on Netflix

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