Missy watched the new Doctor Who trailer, and her reaction was priceless

A funny new video sees Michelle Gomez as the Time Lady reacting to the footage


With a brand-new trailer for Doctor Who series 10 hitting the internet, we’re sure that plenty of fans the world over are glued to their screens, poring over every detail for some clue as to the Doctor’s adventures.


However, little do they know that among their number is a certain villainous Time Lady. Missy (Michelle Gomez) has appeared in a new video reacting to the fresh footage with deadpan flair (and a certain disappointment that she’s not in it more).

Idly watching the Doctor, “new girl” Pearl Mackie and various villains flash past (“he needs a good moisturiser,” she comments of one foe), Missy and her Cyberman head companion eventually get to the one part she cares about – herself, albeit just for a moment.

“Oh, there was me – a little flash of me – so you know there’s something good happening,” Gomez quips, before concluding with her own spin on the new series’ tagline.

“A time for heroes…and villains, maybe?” she wonders.

Overall, we’d say Missy’s reaction video would fit right in among the legions of Whovians currently enjoying the trailer. We can only wait with bated breath for her to start coming up with her own fan theories, and the lines between character and audience will be blurred forever.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 15th April