Missy returns and classic monsters rule in new Doctor Who series 10 trailer

Mondasian Cybermen, Ice Warriors, plus Michelle Gomez causing chaos – it's all here in the new Doctor Who series 10 tease


It’s a red letter day for Doctor Who fans: first there was that fiery poster reveal with Pearl Mackie dangling from the Tardis door, and now there’s a new full trailer featuring buckets of footage from the upcoming series 10.


The new trailer is the first time we’ve seen Missy in footage from the series, although star Michelle Gomez has already confirmed her return in a behind the scenes video.

But there’s plenty more to enjoy in the 60-second trail, including a number of monsters from Doctor Who past, from classic Mondasian Cybermen to Mark Gatiss’s rebooted Ice Warriors – not to mention the Daleks.

Check out the new Doctor Who series trailer below, and click here to go into more detail about what we’ve spotted so far

Doctor Who series 10 returns to BBC1 on Saturday 15 April

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