Mary J Blige wants to join the MCU: “I’m just waiting on Marvel to give me a call”

The music legend and star of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix is keen to join up with the Avengers


Viewers might be surprised to see Mary J Blige popping up in Netflix’s new sci-fi series The Umbrella Academy, but the legendary R&B star and Oscar-nominated actress says she’s been a fan of comic books since childhood – and she’s not stopping there.


“I always wanted to play a Marvel character,” the actress, who stars as hired killer Cha-Cha in the The Umbrella Academy cast for 10-part superhero drama, tells “I’m just waiting on Marvel to give me a call so I can be the next villain or whatever. I absolutely love it, since I was a kid.”

Think of the possibilities! We reckon Blige could give Cate Blanchett’s brilliant Goddess of Death from Thor: Ragnarok a run for her money…

In The Umbrella Academy – a drama set around a dysfunctional superhero family who must band together to prevent an impending apocalypse – we get to see Blige in a typically commanding role, as one half of a duo (alongside Mindhunter’s Cameron Britton) sent to take out time-travelling youngster Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher).

It’s just one of several irons she has in the fire at the moment. The others include three (!) solo albums and a horror movie with Nat Wolff called Body Cam.

The Crown - Matt Smith, Peter Morgan, Claire Foy - Writer/Creator Peter Morgan with Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) (Netflix, TL)

“I’m in the studio right now, working on like three albums,” she says. “I’m almost done with two. I’m working with [Grammy Award-winning producer] Sounwave, and a couple of new young producers.”

And she’s got aspirations for another artistic outlet too.

“I want to learn to sing opera,” she says. “It’s a superhero technique for a singer. So if I can nail that, then I’m untouchable.”


The Umbrella Academy is out now on Netflix