Ever since it was confirmed that Charlie Cox was reprising his role as Daredevil in a new 18-part series, there have been rumours that Luke Cage star Mike Colter could follow him in returning to the MCU.


Like Cox, Colter made his name on one of Netflix's now cancelled Marvel series, and many fans have been calling for the popular character to return in a future show on Disney Plus.

But speaking to RadioTimes.com to promote his role in the new Gerard Butler film Plane, Colter explained that he was mainly focusing on other projects for the moment – and even went so far as to say he would be happy with a potential recasting.

“I quite like doing other things," he said. "I appreciate the opportunity Luke Cage presented to me and it's great, and I'm not saying that the doors closed completely because you never know and never say never. But I'm particularly involved in the projects that I'm doing now, I'm looking forward, never looking back."

He added: "Whatever they do with that role, you know, Kevin Feige and the people at Marvel and Disney, they'll do the right thing and fans will be happy about it and I'll cheer for that person, if it's a recast or whatever.

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"I never think about it until someone asks me about it to be quite honest, but it's not because I didn't enjoy the opportunity. But just, I'm just always in the moment, not really thinking about the other stuff.”

After first appearing as Luke Cage in the first season of Jessica Jones, Colter went on to play the character in two seasons of his own self-titled show and in one season of short-lived Marvel series The Defenders.

When Luke Cage was cancelled in 2018, he said the show "represented something more than just entertainment".

"Marvel's Luke Cage added to our social commentary and made viewers think by challenging the norm and putting out a character that reflected the everyday hero, one with flaws, strengths and everything in between."

Marvel's Luke Cage is now streaming on Disney Plus - sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year. Plane is showing in UK cinemas from Friday 27th January.

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