Jupiter’s Legacy release date: Cast, trailer and latest news on Netflix’s epic new superhero drama

Netflix's adaptation of the superhero comics by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely has dropped an explosive new trailer.

Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel and Ben Daniels in Jupiter's Legacy (Netflix)

As superheroes have grown in popularity, so too have stories that take pride in deconstructing these icons and speculating on what they might actually look like in our complicated world.


Netflix’s upcoming adaptation Jupiter’s Legacy is certainly of that ilk, set in a world where the ageing capes of the so-called golden age are looking to the next generation with concern and despair.

The comic book of the same name, written by Mark Millar and with art from Frank Quitely, primarily focuses on Chloe and Brandon, the troubled kids of world-famous capes The Utopian and Lady Liberty.

Expected to step up and protect the world from existential threats when their parents are no longer able, they instead find themselves tabloid fodder and battling serious substance addictions.

The satirical tale also pokes fun at the medium of comic books itself, merging edgy contemporary themes with the more simple stylings of decades gone by.

Read on for everything you need to know about Netflix’s latest superhero offering.

Jupiter’s Legacy release date

CONFIRMED: All eight episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy will be available to binge watch on Netflix from Friday 7th May 2021.

Jupiter’s Legacy cast


Josh Duhamel (Transformers) will play The Utopian, also known by his civilian secret identity Sheldon Sampson, while Leslie Bibb (The Babysitter) plays his wife Grace and fellow superhero under the guise of Lady Liberty.

Their troubled daughter, Chloe, is played by Elena Kampouris (Sacred Lies) while newcomer Andrew Horton has bagged the role of reckless son, Brandon.

Ben Daniels (The Crown) will also star as the kids uncle Walter, who is capable of powerful psychic illusions as the superhero Brainwave and is a fellow member of the Union of Justice.

Rounding out the cast are pro wrestler Tyler Mane, Mike Wade (SEAL Team) and Matt Lanter, who many will know as the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Jupiter’s Legacy trailer

In April 2021, we got our first proper look at the Jupiter’s Legacy television series in action, with a full-length trailer clocking in just shy of three minutes and showing off some ambitious visual effects for a streaming budget.

Previously, Netflix had shown a glimpse at what the show had in store with a short clip that showed the comic book art of co-creator Frank Quitely transitioning into live-action with impressive accuracy.

Netflix’s adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy had previously popped into public imagination with a short teaser trailer back in Feburary, which didn’t show any actual footage from the show but features voiceover from The Utopian himself.

What is Jupiter’s Legacy about?

Similar to Amazon Prime Video’s recent smash-hit The Boys, Jupiter’s Legacy is another subversive take on caped crusaders that puts a darker spin on the genre than more mainstream fare.

The series takes place almost a century after the world’s first superheroes burst onto the scene, as they look ahead to the next generation to continue fighting the good fight when they are no longer around.

Unfortunately, what they see doesn’t exactly fill them with hope, as the offspring of The Utopian and Lady Liberty – leaders of super-team The Union of Justice – are battling addictions and tabloid scandals.

As the world teeters on the brink of financial ruin and unexpected new villains present themselves, the question remains whether they will be able to step-up to meet their parent’s legacy.


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