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Meet the cast of Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix

A new team of heroes is stepping into the limelight.

Jupiter's Legacy full cast
Published: Tuesday, 4th May 2021 at 5:22 pm

A brand new comic book universe is about to burst onto the screen in Jupiter's Legacy, which follows the world's original superheroes as they pass the torch to a new generation.


The show is based on the comic series of the same name by prolific writer Mark Millar, who also penned the likes of Superman: Red Son for DC Comics and Civil War for Marvel.

Jupiter's Legacy is set in a world where the first superheroes emerged during The Great Depression and have since become world-famous, but difficult divisions are now appearing between themselves and their children.

As they disagree over how best to keep the planet safe from existential threats, concerns arise over what will happen when the current crop of capes finally retires.

If you're interested in what the show has to offer, read on to find out everything you need to know about the Jupiter's Legacy cast and characters.

Josh Duhamel plays Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian

Jupiter's Legacy – Josh Duhamel as The Utopian

Who is Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian? Sheldon Sampson is better known to the world as The Utopian, the leader of the super team known as the Union of Justice. He feels very strongly that superheroes should never kill their enemies, no matter the circumstances. However, a particularly trying incident will add new life to this debate and risks tearing his family apart altogether. Sheldon still looks after a civilian alter ego, where he is married to Grace and has two children, Brandon and Chloe.

What else has Josh Duhamel been in? Duhamel became a well-known face to movie-goers from his recurring role in Michael Bay's Transformers film series, where he played military man William Lennox. His other film roles include romantic dramas New Year's Eve and Safe Haven. His small screen credits include American comedy drama Las Vegas and Stephen King thriller 11.22.63.

Ben Daniels plays Walter Sampson / Brainwave

Ben Daniels in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Walter Sampson / Brainwave? Walter Sampson is Sheldon's brother and a fellow superhero. As his codename suggests, he has powerful psychic abilities that play a crucial role in weakening his enemies.

What else has Ben Daniels been in? After beginning his career on the stage, Daniels bagged a role on the hair salon drama Cutting It, following it up with roles in Law & Order: UK, House of Cards and The Paradise. More recently, he co-starred in FOX's The Exorcist sequel series and portrayed Antony Armstrong-Jones on The Crown.

Leslie Bibb plays Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty

Leslie Bibb plays Lady Liberty in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty? Grace Sampson is married to Sheldon and goes by the superhero alter ego Lady Liberty. She is a caring person who usually reaches out to her children if her husband is treating them too harshly.

What else has Leslie Bibb been in? Bibb played a small role in the first two Iron Man movies as journalist Christine Everhart, while she also played the character of Mom in Netflix's The Babysitter teen horror movies. On the small screen, viewers may recognise her from crime drama Crossing Jordan or cult sitcom The League.

Elena Kampouris plays Chloe Sampson

Elena Kampouris plays Chloe Sampson in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Chloe Sampson? Chloe is the daughter of Sheldon and Grace, who is gifted with the same incredible super powers as her parents. However, she ditches the responsibility of being a caped hero for the glamour of being a social media influencer and model. But her opulent lifestyle has a dark side as she struggles to cope with an addiction to illegal drugs.

What else has Elena Kampouris been in? Kampouris has previously appeared in short-lived Anna Friel series American Odyssey and Facebook's teen drama Sacred Lies.

Andrew Horton plays Brandon Sampson / The Paragon

Andrew Horton plays Brandon Sampson in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Brandon Sampson / The Paragon? Brandon Sampson is the son of Sheldon and Grace, who wishes to be a good superhero and – most of all – earn his father's approval. Unfortunately, despite these best efforts, he consistently gets only criticism from The Utopian, which risks driving a wedge between them.

What else has Andrew Horton been in? Horton is a relative newcomer to the screen, but has previously had small roles in Doctors and fantasy flick How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Mike Wade plays Fitz Small / The Flare

Jupiter's Legacy – Mike Wade plays Fitz

Who is Fitz Small / The Flare? Fitz is a former employee of Sheldon's who gains superhuman abilities and joins him on the Union of Justice. In the present day, he is paralysed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair to get around. His daughter, Petra, is following in his footsteps to become a hero herself.

What else has Mike Wade been in? Wade has previously appeared in several episodes of US military drama SEAL Team.

Matt Lanter plays George Hutchence / Skyfox

Matt Lanter plays George Hutchence / Skyfox in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is George Hutchence / Skyfox? George is an affluent friend of Sheldon, who supports him through his initial visions that lead them to gain their super powers. His time with the Union of Justice came to a shocking end when he turned against the group, but there might have been more to those events than meets the eye.

What else has Matt Lanter been in? Matt Lanter broke out in the cast of 2008's 90210 remake, while at around the same time he took on the role of Anakin Skywalker for Lucasfilm's animated series The Clone Wars. He returned to the Star Wars universe for a cameo appearance in the first season of The Mandalorian and also bagged a lead role in fan favourite sci-fi drama Timeless.

David Julian Hirsh plays Richard Conrad / Blue Bolt

Jupiter's Legacy – Blue Bolt

Who is Richard Conrad / Blue Bolt? Richard is one of the founding members of the Union of Justice.

What else has David Julian Hirsh been in? Hirsh has previously appeared in Weeds, Grimm and the television adaptation of action franchise Taken.

Tenika Davis plays Petra Small

Tenika Davis plays Petra in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Petra Small? Petra is Fitz's daughter, who has inherited his powers and wishes to become a superhero just like him. She believes in The Utopian's strict rules and works hard to abide by them.

What else has Tenika Davis been in? Davis has previously appeared in American police procedural Hudson & Rex, which airs on Alibi in the UK.

Ian Quinlan plays Hutch

Jupiter's Legacy – Ian Quinlan plays Hutch

Who is Hutch? Hutch is the son of the world's greatest super villain and has also resorted to a life of crime, although he doesn't have any powers himself. Instead, he has the coolest gadget on the planet: a rod that allows him to teleport himself (or his enemies) anywhere on the globe. That comes in handy for heists, fights and much more.

What else has Ian Quinlan been in? Comic book fans will recognise Quinlan from DC Comics drama Gotham, where he played a police officer by the name of Carl Pinkney. He also played Metzler in Netflix's Orange is the New Black.

Anna Akana plays Raikou

Anna Akana in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Raikou? Raikou is a dangerous mercenary who is not only an experienced martial artist and lethal with a sword, but also has psychic abilities that allow her to destroy an enemy's mind from within.

What else has Anna Akana been in? Akana has a large social media following and is a big name on YouTube, where her channel currently has more than 2.8 million subscribers. Her acting projects include a cameo in Marvel's Ant-Man and a recurring role in US drama A Million Little Things.

Tyler Mane plays Blackstar

Blackstar in Jupiter's Legacy

Who is Blackstar? Blackstar is a hulking rival of the Union of Justice, whose is so physically strong that he is able to go toe-to-toe with the entire team at once.

What else has Tyler Mane been in? Mane started his career as a professional wrestler, competing for a decade between 1986 and 1996. He went on to become an actor, playing Sabretooth in the first live-action X-Men film, as well as serial killer Michael Myers in the two Halloween films directed by Rob Zombie.

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Jupiter's Legacy is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 7th May. Check out more of our Sci-Fi and Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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