Jodie Foster to direct a Black Mirror episode starring Rosemarie DeWitt

The fourth series from Charlie Brooker will come out in 2017


Horror movie veteran Jodie Foster is to direct an episode in the fourth series of Charlie Brooker’s satirical sci-fi drama Black Mirror, coming to Netflix in 2017.


Rosemarie DeWitt, who stars in the Oscar-tipped La La Land, will appear in the episode.

Brooker confirmed the news on Twitter.

Foster has won Oscars for her performances in Silence of the Lambs and The Accused, but more recently has moved over to directing, with this year’s thriller Money Monster underwhelming critics. She has worked on several episodes of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, too.

The third series of Black Mirror is on Netflix from today (Friday 21 October), and is set to be as dark and forboding as the acclaimed previous seasons on Channel 4. In an interview in Radio Times magazine this week, Brooker said of the show: “It’s a reflection of my worrying side… I’m extremely neurotic, it’s the way my brain is built.”


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