Jenna Coleman knows what Clara has been up to since she left Doctor Who

Ashildr and Clara could be in some trouble


The last time we saw Doctor Who companion Clara she was jetting off to parts unknown with fellow immortal Ashildr, having stolen a TARDIS and wiped herself from the Doctor’s mind as she bowed out of the sci-fi series. There may have been tears.


Still, just because she left our screens we shouldn’t assume that Clara’s tale is over completely – because as it turns out, actress Jenna Coleman has kept the character’s story alive in her head, and knows exactly what Clara’s been up to since she left the Doctor behind.

“I think that she is probably broken down,” she told the crowd at Awesomecon this week. “Her and Ashildr haven’t yet worked out the mechanics of the TARDIS and are trying to get somewhere but can’t quite work it yet.”

“It’s a complicated manual.”

In other words, Clara is currently waiting for the intergalactic equivalent of the AA to turn up and give her a tow – and unless those rumours about Coleman making an appearance in the new series turn out to be true, that’s about as close to closure on Clara’s story as we’re likely to get. We’ll take it.


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 this Christmas