Did you spot David Tennant’s cameo in season 3 of Jessica Jones?

We finally have our answer as to the return of Kilgrave…spoilers follow

Krysten Ritter and David Tennant in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Spoilers follow

As Marvel’s Jessica Jones approached its last ever series on Netflix, many fans had just one question on their minds – would David Tennant’s Kilgrave return?


The mind-controlling baddie WAS killed at the end of series one, granted, but Doctor Who star Tennant still managed to return for an episode in season two, haunting the psyche of series star Jessica (Krysten Ritter), so it didn’t seem out of the question for his return.

For his part, Tennant was non-committal at best and actively denied his return at worst – but now that Jessica Jones season three has dropped on Netflix, we finally know the truth. Kilgrave DID come back!

While we won’t spoil the main plot of the series here (obviously, many won’t have had time to watch it yet) we’ll just note that Tennant’s major appearance crops up in the very last scene of the series, centring his importance to Jessica’s life and paying tribute to Tennant’s period in the role.

With Jessica keen to escape New York and head to Mexico following the events of season three, she buys a ticket at Grand Central station – only to notice Kilgrave’s trademark purple light shining on her ticket, and a disturbingly familiar voice making her rethink her decision.

“Jessica…you’re right to give in,” Tennant says softly in voiceover.

“Give up. It’s some else’s job now.”

The Crown - Matt Smith, Peter Morgan, Claire Foy - Writer/Creator Peter Morgan with Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) (Netflix, TL)

At this, Jessica decides to stay in New York after all, finally shaking Kilgrave’s hold over her and making a positive step towards her future.

And showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has now revealed exactly what made her decide to bring Tennant back into the fold, with his return apparently added when they realised that this would definitely be Jessica Jones’ final season.

“It was then that we thought, ‘Oh, you know, that would be perfect and he exists in her mind.’ So it’s the completion of a story as well,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“He recorded it in London, and [director Neasa Hardiman] was in New York, directing him over the phone. He went and he gave us many different takes. He’s so hilarious and versatile.”

Sadly, with the series now cancelled we’ll never see just what Jessica might have done next – but at least she, and the viewers, got a little Kilgrave closure along the way. Plus, it only required a little bit of time in a sound booth for David Tennant.


Marvel’s Jessica Jones season three is streaming on Netflix UK now