Jessica Jones: What happened in season two?

Get a quick recap of Marvel’s final Netflix show before you watch the new episodes

Krysten Ritter in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is back for its third and final season, with Netflix and Marvel no longer making the show after the two companies parted ways.


But what happened the last time the super-powered PI graced our screens? What do we need to remember ahead of the new storyline? And what’s going on with Trish’s new powers?

Find out below in a character-by-character breakdown…

Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter stars in Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)
Krysten Ritter stars in Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)

Season two begins with Jessica investigating IGH, the mysterious organisation that gave her super-strength, and discovering that several of the patients treated there are being killed off. Soon, Jessica begins to suspect a conspiracy, and realises that a super-powered woman is behind the murders.

After meeting with the super-strong woman (played by Janet McTeer) Jessica realises that she is, in fact, her own long-dead mother, saved from the same accident as Jessica, by the same process, with a completely altered appearance and her own super-abilities. Living with Karl Malus, a doctor from IGH, Jessica’s mother Alisa is revealed to also now have a personality disorder causing her to have violent mood swings.

Eventually Jessica convinces Alisa to hand herself in while Malus goes on the run, only to confront her mother’s new jailer when she realises he’s a cruel murderer who kills prisoners.

After accidentally killing him in self-defence, Jessica tries to stage the guard’s death as a suicide and is haunted by visions of her old abuser Kilgrave (David Tennant).

Later, she tracks down Trish during her procedure (see below) and is present for Malus’s suicide. When a vengeful Alisa – blaming Trish for Malus’s death – tries to take revenge, Jessica protects her friend and foster sister. In the ensuing fight Alisa kills a police officer.

Jessica is still unable to use lethal force against her mother, however, and ends up being knocked out and abducted by Alisa instead. The pair end up trying to drive to the border, saving a family from the scene of a car crash en route, before Alisa realises there’s no way out and waits for arrest at a fairground.

Instead, Trish arrives and shoots Alisa dead, leaving Jessica an orphan again and causing possible problems in their future relationship.

Throughout the series, Jessica is engaged in a growing relationship with ex-con and forger-turned-landlord Oscar.

Trish Walker

Krysten Ritter in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)
Rachael Taylor in Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Trish starts the series investigating IGH any way she can, while in the meantime her radio show’s audience figures drop. Feeling inadequate next to her successful boyfriend and her super-powered best friend, Trish also realises she’s being stalked by unhinged ex Will Simpson, last seen in season one becoming addicted to superpower-inducing drugs.

It later transpires, however, that Will was only trying to protect Trish from the super-powered murderer (later revealed to be Alisa) with Will revealing his true motives shortly before being killed himself.

His lasting impact is to leave behind his inhaler of performance-enhancing drugs, which Trish begins to use to increase her performance while also breaking things off with her boyfriend.

Becoming addicted to the drugs Trish ends up trying out some vigilante crime-fighting, sleeps with Jessica’s neighbour and friend Malcolm and quits her radio show on-air, while more generally her addictive tendencies are revealed in a flashback episode.

When she’s given a chance to audition for a TV position, Trish’s supply of the drug have dwindled, and her withdrawal symptoms cost her the gig. Her desire to keep up her super-powered new life causes her to track down scientist Malus and demand he give her superpowers like he did to Jessica.

Unfortunately, the procedure almost kills Trish, and an enraged Jessica fires Malcolm (who she blamed for not stopping Trish) before taking her friend to the hospital. While in hospital Trish wakes up, sees Alisa on the news and sets off to kill her.

Later, after an argument with Jessica, Trish notices her reflexes have improved, and wonders if her procedure worked after all…

Jeri Hogarth

Carrie-Ann Moss in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)
Carrie-Ann Moss in Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Lawyer and sometime Alias Investigations employer Hogarth is diagnosed with ALS near the start of the series and faces a buy-out from the partners at her firm. Hiring Jessica to dig dirt on her colleagues, Hogarth also takes in a homeless nurse called Inez who used to work at IGH at the behest of Jessica.

Soon, Inez tells Hogarth that one of IGH’s test subjects could heal people, and seeking a cure for her ALS Hogarth agrees to help the man (called Shane Ryback) get released from prison.

After getting him released, Hogarth pressures Ryback into healing her then allows him to leave with Inez. Believing herself cured, she works with Jessica to cut her mother a deal.

Talking to Malus, however, Hogarth realises she’s been scammed as Ryback was never part of the IGH project, and she returns home to find that he and Inez have robbed her.

Hogarth gets her revenge by manipulating Inez into shooting Ryback then calling the police on her, and uses material gathered by Malcolm to blackmail her legal partners. Now with more money she starts her own law firm.


Eka Darville in Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)
Eka Darville in Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)

Chafing from Jessica’s lack of trust in him, Malcolm spends much of the series trying to prove himself as a private investigator, teaming up with Trish to track down Will Simpson and refusing an offer from Jessica’s PI rival Pryce Chang to join his organisation instead.

Malcolm continues to aid Jessica in the IGH investigation and sleeps with Trish, but leaves in disgust when he realises her new addiction. Later the pair team up again to track down Malus, but Trish knocks Malcolm out before demanding Malus give her super-abilities.

Discovering the scene, Jessica fires Malcolm in anger, driving him towards Cheng’s firm where he also starts working for Hogarth.

Where we left the characters

Janet McTeer as Alisa in Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)
Janet McTeer as Alisa in Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 2 (Netflix, JG)

To sum up:

  • Jessica is now a solo private eye once again, but breaking down some emotional barriers with her other half Oscar.
  • Trish, meanwhile, has thrown away her career and some of her familial relationships, but seems to have acquired new superpowers.
  • Hogarth, now living with ALS, has a new firm and plenty to prove.
  • Malcolm is working for Pryce Cheng and Hogarth, but still living next door to Jessica.
  • And Kilgrave, Will Simpson, Malus and Alisa are dead – or at least, so it would appear.

Jessica Jones season three is streaming on Netflix from Friday 14th June