Fanboy Wil Wheaton met David Tennant and couldn’t conceal his excitement

The Star Trek and Big Bang Theory star couldn't conceal his excitement upon meeting the 10th Doctor


It’s always refreshing to see that even huge TV stars can get starstruck when they meet people they admire. At the weekend, Star Trek legend Wil Wheaton met David Tennant at Awesome Con – Washington DC’s version of Comic Con – and couldn’t help but share his childlike enthusiasm with his followers on Twitter.

The US actor is best known for his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but his credits also include massive 80s hit Stand By Me and The Big Bang Theory. He was clearly excited to have met Tennant, who played the tenth doctor on Doctor Who…


But it was not Wheaton’s first interaction with the Whoniverse. He is a die-hard fan of the series, and in 2015 interviewed Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman where he taught them how to pilot the starship enterprise. Watch a clip below:

Tennant was a busy man at Awesome Con, but he still managed to take a number of great photos with Doctor Who co-star John Barrowman.


The love is clearly still strong with these two.