Doctor Who: Jacob Anderson wants Vinder to be the new River Song

The Game of Thrones actor plays mysterious space-traveller Vinder.

Doctor Who

There’s not long to go before Doctor Who: Flux lands on BBC One, with Jodie Whittaker’s last outing as the Time Lord bringing some new faces to the show.


One such face belongs to Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson, who was revealed as a Doctor Who series 13 cast member back in July.

Not much is known about Anderson’s character, other than he is a mysterious space-traveller named Vinder. The actor himself has teased a little bit about what fans can expect in a recent interview shared by the BBC, however.

He said: “I really hope people like Vinder, as a fan of the show and as a fan of those characters that come in and recur and are part of the story beyond their singular story, there are some really iconic characters.

“Like River Song, and Osgood and all these people you really remember and I hope Vinder can be a part of that, I really hope people like him.”

Anderson, who recently revealed he auditioned to play Rory, went on to explain what getting the role of Vinder was like.

“It was a complete surprise, it felt like it was completely out of the blue,” he said. “But it was one of those things that I always wanted to do. There are certain goals or dreams you might have in your life and the minute you stop obsessing over them, that’s when they happen!

“I had no expectation at all of being asked to be part of it, and Chris [Chibnall] swooped in and asked if I’d like to be part of this iconic show that means a lot to me.”

Though we don’t know exactly how Vinder will fit into the story, we do know the Doctor will have plenty of foes to face, including the mysteriously named Flux and newbies Karvanista and The Ravagers, as well as old monsters like the Weeping Angels, the Ood and the Cybermen.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Sunday 31st October. For more, check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page or our full TV Guide.