Doctor Who series 13’s Flux is “the biggest nemesis the Doctor has ever faced”

The Flux is coming...

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who: Flux

A release date (31st October), a fitting first episode title considering said release date (The Halloween Apocalypse), and a mysterious tagline (Flux) are just some of the big Doctor Who series 13 reveals fans have been treated to of late.


The latter has been causing quite the stir, especially after we heard in a trailer that “the Flux is coming”. It sounds scary, sure, but what exactly is the Flux?

Well, Doctor Who bosses Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens shed some light on the cryptic tagline during an interview shared by the BBC. And one thing it’s clear – it’s going to be big.

“The title of the serial is Flux, it’s divided into six chapters, and the Flux is a mysterious event that is going to have an effect on all the characters in the story,” Chibnall said.

“It’s kind of the biggest nemesis that the Doctor has ever faced,” Strevens added. So big, in fact, it earned its place as the first Doctor Who ‘series title’.

He said: “It’s a huge destructive force but quite what it is and why it’s become unleashed will become apparent as you watch the serial unfold.

“It’s quite awe-inspiring and terrifying and the way it’s realised on screen will be I think quite breath-taking for the audience as they realise what the Flux is and what the Flux does.”

If ever there was an answer that yields more questions, this is it. Strevens also revealed that the story is one that even those who haven’t watched Doctor Who before can step into.

“If you’ve never seen it before you can step in on this story,” he said. “If you were ever going to come on board with Doctor Who, now is the time.”


Doctor Who: Flux premieres on Sunday 31st October. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.