Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: The future (and past) of the Fugitive Doctor

What’s next for Jo Martin’s renegade Time Lord, and how will she fit into season 13? We take a look back… and forward… at the Doctor’s other self.


It’s a verifiable Doctor Who fact – Jo Martin’s shock new incarnation of the Doctor, implied to be a forgotten ex-incarnation of Jodie Whittaker’s time-travelling alien, has officially been dubbed “The Fugitive Doctor” by the BBC, who also debuted a new portrait of the character this week.


The new picture inspired an outpouring of enthusiasm for the character (who was introduced in a surprise twist during the most recent series’ fifth episode), and also got us wondering – what’s the plan for this intriguing new character? Will Jo Martin be back in action for the as-yet-unfilmed season 13, and what might her Doctor get up to in future episodes?

Well, in this week’s Doctor Who podcast we try to puzzle it out, also offering a quick recap of the character so far and assessing her impact. After all, considering she’s only been around for one episode and a short series finale cameo, she’s already left a big mark…

Plus, we make our pitch for the sort of stories we’d like to see Martin appear in (spoiler alert – it’d be nice to have her around for longer than the War Doctor), the various fan theories about how she could actually fit into the weird and wonderful Doctor Who timeline and how the shock revelations of The Timeless Children could play into her future appearances.

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One for Revolution of the Daleks in late 2020/early 2021.


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