It’s official – after nearly 50,000 votes’s Doctor Who poll has its result, with David Tennant named fans’ favourite Doctor over 10 years after he left the role behind.


Close behind him (fewer than 100 votes behind, in fact) was Jodie Whittaker, followed by Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and Tom Baker – but what made these Doctors so much more popular than the others? Why wasn’t the classic series better represented, and why didn’t Christopher Eccleston get more of a fair chance?

In this week’s Doctor Who podcast we try our best to answer these questions, drilling down into the overall rankings (below) to work out why some Doctors seemed to appeal to voters more than others.

  1. David Tennant 10518 / 21%
  2. Jodie Whittaker 10423 / 21%
  3. Peter Capaldi 8897 / 18%
  4. Matt Smith 7637 / 16%
  5. Tom Baker 3977 / 8%
  6. William Hartnell 1983 / 4%
  7. Paul McGann 1427 / 3%
  8. Christopher Eccleston 1144 / 2%
  9. Jon Pertwee 1038 / 2%
  10. Patrick Troughton 915 / 2%
  11. Sylvester McCoy 462 / 1%
  12. Colin Baker 359 / 1%
  13. Peter Davison 351 / 1%

Was Jodie Whittaker’s rise a response to criticism from those who still haven’t accepted her as the Doctor? Has Peter Capaldi’s era been reevaluated in the years since he handed in his TARDIS keys? And did the shocking twists of the Timeless Children, which seemed to rewrite the Doctor’s history, bring a groundswell of support for First Doctor actor William Hartnell?

Plus, our hosts make the case for their own favourite versions of the Doctor – assuming, of course, that they get around their equal love for each and every Time Lord.

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