Listen to’s Doctor Who podcast: Is Human Nature David Tennant’s best episode?

We take a look back at Human Nature/ The Family of Blood


Is he human…or is he Doctor? In this week’s Doctor Who podcast, we take a look back at critically-acclaimed two-parter Human Nature/The Family of Blood, which saw David Tennant’s Time Lord transform himself into an ordinary schoolteacher to hide from deadly foes.


As Doctor Who fans prepare to rewatch the episode online communally, we’re asking the big questions, namely…how does the Doctor know about Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert? Is this the darkest Who episode ever? Was the Doctor too cruel with the Family? And is it really canon that he doesn’t like pears?

And with the chameleon arch cropping up again in the latest Doctor Who series, we also take a look at this story’s ongoing influence on the Whoniverse, plot twists and sci-fi storytelling in general.

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