The Doctor’s Daughter ★★

Disappointing tale in which the Time Lord gets an instant daughter


Story 193
Series 4 – Episode 6


First UK transmission
Saturday 10 May 2008

The Doctor – David Tennant
Donna Noble – Catherine Tate
Martha Jones – Freema Agyeman
Jenny – Georgia Moffett

Writer Stephen Greenhorn
Director Alice Troughton


“Hello Dad,” says Jenny, created from the Doctor’s genetic sample, instantly adult, clothed in fatigues and with perfect eyeliner. Georgia Moffett (Peter Davison’s real-life daughter and, later, David Tennant’s wife) is appealingly perky as Jenny. She helps the Doctor, Donna and Martha in a ludicrously fast war between humans and amphibious Hath, then, after a lachrymose “death” scene, zooms off to fight another day.