What did you think of the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special?

Were you happy with the episode? Did you like Peter Capaldi's final speech? And what do you think of Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor? Share your thoughts on Steven Moffat's swansong

Doctor Who Christmas 2017

Well, there you have it. After months of Doctor Who build-up, we’ve finally welcomed back David Bradley as the First Doctor, said a sad farewell to Peter Capaldi with Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas and Jenna Coleman, and witnessed the debut of Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor the sci-fi series has seen.


Executive producer and writer Steven Moffatt took his final bow with Twice Upon A Time, and now we want to know what YOU thought of the episode…

Did you like the story?

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Twice Upon A Time took Peter Capaldi and David Bradley’s Doctors on an adventure through space and time, during which they came to terms with the fact that they have to regenerate, caught up with old friends, and seemingly altered the fate of a rather important army captain.

But what did you think of the plot?

Who gave the best performance?

David Bradley and Peter Capaldi in Twice Upon a Time (BBC, TL)

Twice Upon A Time had many strong performances, but who do you think is the standout star of the episode?

What was your favourite moment?

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From the Doctors’ first meeting to Bill’s return, Clara and Twelve’s brief reunion to the Doctor’s final words and, of course, that all-important regeneration – which scene from this year’s special was your absolute favourite?

Who were you most excited to see making a comeback?

Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi in Twice Upon a Time

Peter Capaldi’s last ever episode was full of familiar faces, but who were you most excited to see again?

What did you think of Peter Capaldi’s final words?

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in Twice Upon a Time

As he prepared to say farewell the Twelfth Doctor gave a stirring speech before uttering four fateful words: “Doctor, I let you go”.

What did you make of the speech and the last words he spoke on screen?

How would you rate Jodie Whittaker’s first scene?

Jodie Whittaker makes her Doctor Who debut

She’s finally made her Doctor Who debut! Jodie Whittaker made a good first impression on you?


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