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Doctor Who: best guest stars from series 4

As Ten took his final trip through space and time, which guest star was most worth his timey-wimey? logo
Published: Friday, 5th June 2015 at 2:49 pm

Series 4 of NuWho saw David Tennant return to the Tardis with Catherine Tate's Donna for his final season, and a new wave of famous faces joined them for an adventure in space and time – pick your favourite below.


Kylie Minogue

Character: Astrid Peth

Episode: Voyage of the Damned

Best known for: Spinning around on TV screens as Neighbours' Charlene, her duet with Jason Donovan, being a pop superstar and those errr, gold hot pants

Doctor Who guest stars don’t get much bigger than Minogue, who brought a real joy to her too-short turn as a spaceship waitress who wanted to see the stars.

Sarah Lancashire

Character: Ms Foster

Episode: Partners in Crime

Best known for: Breaking Curly Watts' heart as Corrie's Raquel and playing an absolute blinder in TV dramas like Happy Valley and Last Tango In Halifax

Lancashire’s guest spot as the Supernanny-ish Ms Foster showed there’s more to this actress than gritty drama. She certainly impressed as the stylish villain.

Peter Capaldi

Character: Caecilius

Episode: The Fires of Pompeii

Best known for: Cursing up a storm as The Thick Of It's Malcolm Tucker and playing the Twelfth Doctor, of course

We weren’t to know how important he’d become to the show in future years, but Capaldi brings a human face to an ancient tragedy in this historical episode.

Tim McInnerny

Character: Klineman Halpen

Episode: Planet of the Ood

Best known for: McInnerny has quite the number of TV, film and stage productions to his name including Blackadder (as Lord Percy Percy and Captain Darling), Wetherby, 101 Dalmatians and Notting Hill.

McInnerny does unpleasant suits rather well (just see him in Spooks), and he’s on fine form as ever in this episode – there's even a delicious pay-off for his character.

Georgia Moffett

Character: Jenny

Best known for: The real-life daughter of Peter Davison played Abigail Nixon in The Bill, Alice Harding in Where The Heart Is and err, married the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant

Who knows if we’ll ever see her again, but Moffett’s assured debut as the Doctor’s offspring certainly made us wish she’d pop back in to do her washing sometime.

Felicity Kendal

Character: Lady Eddison

Episode: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Best known for: Playing The Good Life's Barbara Good

The actress impressed as an aristocrat with a dark past in this Agatha Christie –style romp.

Steve Pemberton

Character: Strackman Lux

Episode: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Best known for: Being a member of The League of Gentlemen and enjoying an eternal package holiday in Benidorm

Mark Gatiss’ former collaborator found hidden depths in the officious Mr Lux, who had a mysterious agenda all of his own in this classic two-parter.


But who was your favourite guest star in series 4? Vote now!

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