After a successful release in 2016, most Marvel fans might have assumed that superhero movie Doctor Strange was a shoo-in for a sequel, with the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring tale praised by fans and critics alike for its trippy visuals and unusual take on the genre.


However, since the film’s release there’s been very little talk of what could come next for the Sorcerer Supreme. Other superhero films released in previous years, like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy, have sequels and release dates already locked in – but not Doctor Strange.

Even Black Panther, which was released well over a year after Cumberbatch’s movie, has already been confirmed for a sequel, but Strange’s future is still unknown. Now Cumberbatch himself has suggested that this could be because there won’t be a Doctor Strange 2 after all.

“I know the latest is that I might not make it out of this film alive,” Cumberbatch told in a new video interview.

“It's only [written at] the end of the first film, 'Doctor Strange will be back.' I have been back, in Thor: Ragnarok, and obviously in [Avengers: Infinity War].

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“So there's nothing to say, either contractually or otherwise, that he's coming back again.

“I haven't seen the film. so God knows, that might be it,” he added.

“They might have just teased me into a London fan-fest because, ‘Oh look, you're in a bit of the film.’ And that might be all of it.”

Now, it’s likely that Cumberbatch is just trying to keep a bit of suspense for Avengers: Infinity War. After all, if we knew for sure he’d be back for another adventure it would be difficult to care too much about his battles against Thanos and the Black Order.

On the other hand, we do know that some heroes from Infinity War – like the Guardians, Black Panther and Spider-Man – have new films coming out despite this, so it might be that the future of Doctor Strange is in more trouble than we realise.

Whatever the truth, Cumberbatch and Marvel are remaining tight-lipped – at least for a spell…


Avengers: Infinity War is released in UK cinemas on 26th April