Danny Dyer has already had a major role in one of the BBC's most iconic shows – playing Mick Carter on EastEnders – and the star has now revealed that he'd love to have a go at another: Doctor Who.


Speaking to The Sun about what he'd consider his dream acting gigs, Dyer mentioned both the Doctor and James Bond – hinting that he'd love to reinvent both iconic characters in his image.

"The obvious role I’d love to play is James Bond," he said. "You know, a cockney Bond.

“Or I would like to maybe have a go at Doctor Who, something that’s been played by many different actors before and put my own spin on it, my own take on it."

However one British TV institution that he won't be taking part in any time soon is Strictly Come Dancing, even though he says he's regularly invited to compete in the hugely popular ballroom extravaganza.

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Danny Dyer as Mick Carter in EastEnders, leaning on the bar at the Queen Vic with beer pump handles in the foreground. He is wearing a blue shirt and looks upset.
Danny Dyer as Mick Carter in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

"I get offered to do Strictly every year, and it’s not for me," he revealed. "I’ve got no desire to be mincing around in sequins."

He added: "Ultimately, I’m still searching for what that ultimate role would be."

Next up for Dyer is a role alongside Ryan Sampson (Brassic) in Sky's latest comedy offering, Mr Bigstuff, which begins airing on Sky Max and NOW next week.

And speaking in this week's issue of Radio Times magazine, he revealed that the show convinced him he'd made the right choice in leaving EastEnders after nine years on Albert Square.

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He said: "Ryan was probably whispering in the ear of a witchcraft doll to tell me to leave… No, I needed to leave; this cemented that I'd made the right decision. People said, 'Oh he'll be back, he won't get more work'. How wrong were they?"

The new show follows two estranged brothers who find themselves under one roof but soon see their lives starting to unravel once in each other's company, with Sampson also serving as the show's writer and creator.
The official synopsis describes Dyer's character Lee as "an alpha male with a prescription drug addiction and a biscuit tin full of their dad’s ashes" while Sampson's character Glen is called "a nervy perfectionist and carpet salesman striving to live the suburban ideal".

Mr Bigstuff airs on Sky Max and NOW on Wednesday 17th July – sign up for Sky TV here.


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