Today former Doctor Who star Matt Smith spoke directly to his fans in a Guardian livechat, and through the many questions they asked we’ve discovered an awful lot about both Smith and his connection to the Tardis.


Read on to find out exactly what new things we learned about the Eleventh Doctor…

1. Like the Doctor, he’s not a fan of social media


“The advent of social media just make me feel a bit weird,” Smith said.

“We've started communicating with our thumbs. And I think people consider social media for far too much of their day. Look what we're doing now! This isn't normal. It's sunny. We should all be outside.”

2. And his favourite monster is a stone-cold killer


“My scariest enemy is the Weeping Angel ... but secretly, they are also my favourite,” he told a young fan.

3. He’s not coming back to Doctor Who…


Dismissing rumours that he might return as “not true”, Smith did admit that he missed “everything” about it.

“BUT onward goes the march,” he said. “It's Peter's Tardis now. And I love what he does. So I watch as a fan.”

4. But he doesn’t regret his part in it.


“I'm very grateful for everything Doctor Who has done for me,” he told the chat.

“It's opened more doors than it's closed. Like everything it's a process of time. In ten years, hopefully, I'll be known for something else.”

5. He thinks we could see a female Doctor soon


The actor was asked by a fan how her daughter could become the Doctor, and he replied “Well, she has a chance. I think a Lady Doctor could be close.”

“And [it] would be fun. So practise, practise, practise. And talk really fast. And think really fast. And be really brave. And mad. And silly. And good luck maybe it will be you!”


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