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Piers Morgan's wife surprises him on live TV with an interview of her own

Celia Walden was in the ITV studios chatting to Lorraine Kelly this morning – and Morgan had no idea

Published: Monday, 5th February 2018 at 11:42 am

Another Piers Morgan interview and – WAIT, COME BACK! THIS ONE ISN'T WITH DONALD TRUMP. Actually, it shouldn’t have even featured Piers at all. You see, today Morgan hijacked his wife’s on-air chat after she startled him live on today's Good Morning Britain.


Let us explain: this morning, journalist and novelist Celia Walden, Morgan’s wife, was due to have a chat with Lorraine Kelly on her show. That meant she was in the ITV studios at the same time Morgan was presenting Good Morning Britain. And Morgan didn’t have any idea of this until Walden appeared on GMB in a teaser for Lorraine's show.

And Morgan couldn't have been more shocked. "What? Did you sneak my wife in?!" he said. "She's supposed to be back home preparing my breakfast! Can you get home and do my breakfast, please? I'm going to have to come up there aren't I?"

After Susanna Reid asked him if he was excited to see his wife on screen, Morgan replied: "No I'm not! I'm looking forward to seeing my wife obviously, but not on national television!"

Although Kelly had said Morgan would be banned from her studio, he still managed to jump into his wife’s interview.

Turning up wearing a pair of green rubber gloves, saying he'd "just been doing some housework", Morgan soon butted in on a conversation about gender equality ("Has she told you I'm a feminist?").


The chat continued until Walden wrapped up the conversation, saying to Piers "If you do the hovering really well, I'll give you some more pocket money."

Good Morning Britain is on weekdays at 6am on ITV

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