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88% of viewers say Piers Morgan was too soft on Donald Trump in "sycophantic" ITV "love-in" interview

"Feel like I’ve just watched two people engaging in foreplay and now I need to bleach my eyes and scrub my skin off..."

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan
Published: Monday, 29th January 2018 at 2:23 pm

Warning: some of the tweets below contain mild swearing and graphic references to animals


Choosing the hashtag #TrumpMorgan to promote his ITV interview with US president Donald Trump, Piers Morgan was clearly hoping it would go down as a modern-day Frost/Nixon, yet for the majority of viewers it wasn’t quite the in-depth, hard-hitting face-off that implied.

In fact, a whopping 88% of those polled on Sunday night by said Morgan was not tough enough on Trump.

Many of those commenting on Twitter found the "love-in" between Morgan and his "great friend" an uncomfortable watch that failed to press Trump on any of the important issues...

Some found it really uncomfortable...

On Facebook it was a similar story.

"The most sycophantic interview I have ever lived through," wrote Collins Chidimuro, "and I grew up on a diet of Robert Mugabe interviews with the Zimbabwe state broadcaster. Shameful."

"They just seemed to be kissing each other’s behinds," noted John Wyres-Smith.

In the interests of balance we worked hard to dig out some positive reactions, although they were wildly outnumbered by the negative.


This guy must have found them too...


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