Is this another clue that Khal Drogo is returning to Game of Thrones for season 7?

Jason Momoa has posted yet more hints that he's Westeros bound


Jason Momoa – the beardy beast of a man who played Khal Drogo, lover of all things horses, pillaging and pouring molten gold onto his brother-in-law’s scalp – might, just might, be making a comeback to Game of Thrones.


Yes, the Aquaman star has dropped another hint he’ll be returning to HBO’s dragon-fest: posting on Instagram, Momoa apologised for not making the Justice League wrap party as he needed to “prepare for the north”.

An interesting post that poses vital questions: a) just how much more muscle does Momoa actually need? And b) is “the north” he’s referring to actually the highest points in Westeros i.e. The White Harbour and Winterfell? Essentially, is Drogo getting back on the Game of Thrones horse?

It’s speculation that adds to previous hints from the Hawaiian actor. In August this year, he shared a pint with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss in Northern Ireland (where the majority of the show is filmed). And a fortnight ago he posted a photo alongside fellow Thrones star Kit Harington (Jon Snow, king of the north Momoa could have referred to) with the words “can’t wait for next season” in the caption.

Could Drogo be brought back to life by Melisandre’s magic like Snow? Will we see the Khal reunited with his Khaleesi come season seven? We’ve got a hell of a wait to find out.


Game of Thrones will return (Khal-less or not) in mid-2017.