There’s a brand new Harry Potter TV series on the way – and Jason Isaacs “can’t wait” to see it.


Speaking to on the red carpet at the BAFTA TV Awards 2023 today (14th May), the actor – who starred as Lucius Malfoy in the film adaptations of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels – came to reflect on the new series, which will be coming to Max, HBO's exclusive streaming service.

Asked whether it felt strange to see a new adaptation in the works, Isaacs mused: “It’s no weirder for me than for everybody else who’s seen the films. I happen to be in the films too."

He continued: "They make a new Spider Man every 15 minutes. You know, there was a ton of stuff in the books that we left out."

"Yeah it's an odd feeling, but it’s no odder for me than it is anyone else. I can’t wait to see them and see what they do."

HBO Max officially revealed it has commissioned a TV show adaptation of the Harry Potter novels back in April.

Each season of the new live-action series will be an adaptation of each of the seven books, with a brand new cast portraying the beloved characters.

The series will be a “faithful adaptation” of the famous books penned by Rowling, who will serve as executive producer.

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Malfoys)
Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Malfoys) SEAC

A statement from the newly branded Max explained: “The stories from each of Rowling’s Harry Potter books will become a decade-long series produced with the same epic craft, love and care this global franchise is known for. The series will feature a new cast to lead a new generation of fandom, full of the fantastic detail, much loved characters and dramatic locations that Harry Potter fans have loved for over 25 years."

It continued: “Each season will be authentic to the original books and bring Harry Potter and these incredible adventures to new audiences around the world, while the original, classic and beloved films will remain at the core of the franchise and available to watch globally.”

“Max’s commitment to preserving the integrity of my books is important to me, and I’m looking forward to being part of this new adaptation which will allow for a degree of depth and detail only afforded by a long form television series,” said Rowling in a statement.

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