Brie Larson shares pic as filming wraps on Captain Marvel

Oscar-winner Brie Larson has marked the final day of shooting on Captain Marvel


Star Brie Larson has marked the end of filming on Captain Marvel, taking to Twitter with an image of a clapper board and a calendar with the days of filming crossed out.


The clapper, which marks the end of principal photography on the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, has been autographed by various members of cast and crew. On the calendar, 6th July is marked ‘LAST DAY’, while the 7th is marked ‘HOME’.

The illustrated calendar also features a drawing of oscar-winning Larson in a rocket ship. Larson’s character, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, is an Air Force pilot who gains superpowers after being exposed to the DNA of a Kree alien. The film is set during the 1990s.

Captain Marvel, which is due to hit cinemas in March 2019, is co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Fleck also took to social media to mark the final day of shooting, posting an image of the date on Instagram with the caption, “We got next…”

We got next…

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Larson is joined by a number of starry cast mates, including Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, McKenna Grace, Gemma Chan and Lee Pace.