Gemma Chan shares behind-the-scenes pic from Captain Marvel

The Humans star gives us a sneak peek at her character Minn-Erva

Gemma Chan

We still haven’t seen very much of upcoming superhero movie Captain Marvel, which is set to introduce Brie Larson’s new character Carol Danvers next February before she appears in the untitled Avengers: Infinity War sequel.


Sure, we know most of the cast – including Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law and Lee Pace among others – and we’ve seen a picture of Larson in a pilot suit, but that’s about it so far, with the alien-infused world of the new film largely kept under wraps.

That is, until today – because now one of the film’s actors has given us a sneak peek at her new character, with actor Gemma Chan (best known for her role in Humans) revealing a rather drastic haircut she’s adopted to play the role of alien scientist/spy Minn-Erva.

It’s quite the Look, and we can’t wait to see Chan in action with it.

“I’m a bit nervous!” Chan previously told of the new role.

“There’s lots of action, and I’ve been doing a little bit of training, but not as much as Brie. Yeah, she’s been really going for it.

“We’ve been messaging. Actually we’ve met – I went out to LA for the read-through quite recently.”

Based on Chan’s caption it seems like her time filming on the movie has already come to an end, so fingers crossed that means we’ll be finding out even more about it soon.


Captain Marvel will be released in February