5 TV characters to spend New Year’s Eve with

From Doctor Who's Time Lord to Tyrion from Game of Thrones, here's who would make 31 December the best night ever


New Year’s Eve parties are notoriously hit and miss. Sometimes the celebration is fun and exciting with nobody being sick on you, and just the right amount of Champagne. But other times, it’s a let-down, with boring parties which peak too early and leave you wondering why we make such a big deal about time simply passing.


So as we get ready to see in 2016, we’ve come up with five TV characters who would make sure New Years Eve was always amazing.

The Doctor, Doctor Who



Transport: With the Time Lord, there’d be no crammed trains and booking madly expensive cabs, and you could go to all the parties you wanted however far away from each other they were.


Variety: You wouldn’t have to stick to this New Year. You could drop into a 1920s flapper party, or be shockingly hedonistic with Henry VIII at a banquet.