You may have heard of something called the World Cup going on this month – and if you haven’t, how did you escape it? The football frenzy will take over every pub, conversation and, unfortunately for some, the television schedule, too. Here’s how the football will affect The Chase on ITV.


When is the Chase not on TV?

The quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh will be absent from the schedules on the following dates:

Thursday 14th June

Friday 15th June

Tuesday 19th June

Wednesday 20th June

Thursday 21st June

Friday 22nd of June

Though, as the Doctor's new companion, it's likely busy host Bradley Walsh will welcome the break.

There is some good news – as ITV are sharing coverage of the World Cup with the BBC, not all afternoon broadcasts are affected.

The Chase will air on Monday 18th June at 5pm, as well as its usual weekend slot on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th. And to get your fix of the chasers and their hopeful chasees, past episodes are available on ITV hub.


The Chase will air on ITV on Monday 18th June at 5pm

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