Who is Eurovision’s Jon Ola Sand?

Meet the man with all the important numbers who keeps the Eurovision boat afloat


Year in, year out, Eurovision presenters across the European Broadcasting Union make quite a big deal of introducing an unassuming man who sits at the all-important top table and keeps the whole show running smoothly.


But who is this mysterious Jon Ola Sand?

Norwegian television producer Jon Ola Sand has been the European Broadcasting Union’s Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest since 2011.

That means he’s the one in charge of making sure absolutely everything goes right on the night. No pressure!

Why does everyone joke about him so much?

Well, it’s because he’s so straight laced. People can’t help but love how serious he is, and often crack jokes about an apparent lack of charisma.

We personally don’t see what they’re talking about.

You might notice that Song Contest presenters often try to wind him up, hoping they’ll make him smile on screen.

DOUZE POINTS for you Jon Ola. You go Jon Ola.

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