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Which important piece of Friends trivia did Courteney Cox forget?

The actress had her sitcom knowledge put to the test with a specially designed round of Heads Up! on The Ellen Show logo
Published: Wednesday, 22nd April 2015 at 1:08 pm

Former Friends star Courteney Cox had her memory of the hit sitcom put to the test on The Ellen Show recently, with a specially designed round of Friends-themed Heads Up! 


The guessing game and popular app originated on Ellen DeGeneres' show and the host has played it with countless A-listers in the past, but this is the first time a new set of questions has been tailor made for a visiting star. 

Cox, who (as if I need to tell you) played Monica during the sitcom's 10-year run, proved she still has what it takes when it comes to Friends trivia, well, until she failed to get one screamingly-obvious question right. 

The 50-year-old star named the Friends' coffee shop, Joey's chat-up line, Pheobe's most famous song and the title of the theme tune with ease. She did seem a little convinced that Ugly Naked Guy was called Ugly Tom, but we'll let her off. 

However, the one thing we can't forgive her for? Forgetting this. When asked what Ross said when trying to lift a sofa up some stairs, she replied: "Too tight. Scooch, or something?"

When of course the correct answer is, in the words of Ross: "PIVOT. PIVOT. PIVOOOOT."

Think you remember Friends better than Courteney Cox herself? Thankfully, the Friends category of questions is available to download for us mortals too.


Go forth and play, Friends fans. (And let us know if you do a better job than Cox).

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