Someone’s made Rachel’s traditional English trifle from Friends

It doesn't taste like feet, according to the dedicated Friends fan, but it is "f***ing horrible"

There’s watching repeats of every single episode, knowing the theme tune off by heart and endlessly quoting the sitcom’s wisdom to your pals. And then there’s this. 


One seriously dedicated Friends fan @JPKillham has spent his own money and free time hand-crafting a copy of Rachel’s traditional English trifle. You know, the one with the lady-fingers, jam, custard and, er, beef sautéed with peas and onions from Thanksgiving season six? 

We’re not sure what inspired him to put on his apron 16 years (yep – we are old now) after the episode first aired – Ross conclusively confirmed that Rachel’s recipe mishap didn’t make a tasty culinary creation back in 1999 – but this tweet makes it sound like his plans have long been in motion:  

We have to admit the finished pudding doesn’t look all that bad…

Until you cut into it, that is.

The verdict? According to @JPKillham, the trifle doesn’t actually taste like feet, but he’s not a huge fan: “it’s f***ing horrible”. 

There’s “enough nice trifle stuff that we keeping eating more of it” he adds, saying: “I thought I’d be able to compartmentalise the clashing flavours, but I cannot.”

Surprisingly there’s still some left. If you’re keen for a taste, we’re sure he would happily let you take a portion or two off his hands…


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