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What is Cannonball? Presenters Freddie Flintoff and Frankie Bridge reveal everything you need to know about the brand new ITV show

If you're a fan of seeing people fly through the air off big inflatables, you've come to the right place!

Cannonball Freddie Flintoff and Frankie Bridge
Published: Wednesday, 27th September 2017 at 12:47 pm

So...what is Cannonball?

Cannonball is essentially a souped-up version of Total Wipeout.


Each show sees contestants playing supersize water-based games called Blob, Jump, Knockout and Skimmer. These involve – amongst other things – being catapulted into the air, throwing themselves down a massive slide and skimming across the water in a huge tank.

"It is what it is," presenter Freddie Flintoff tells of the format. "We’re not challenging Newsnight here. We’re having a bit of fun on a Saturday night watching people get wet. We’re not after Paxman!"

Who presents Cannonball?

Cannonball on ITV

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff and Frankie Bridge, who both spoke to about the new show, are among a five-strong team of presenters. Joining them are Maya Jama, Radzi Chinyanganya and comedian Ryan Hand.

How is Cannonball different to Total Wipeout?

"There is water in it and obstacles," explains Freddie. "But I think the thing about Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior, you need quite a level of fitness to do them. This one is for anyone. The contestants vary from 70-odd to 20-odd and are all different shapes and sizes and I think all you need for this one is a bit of bottle. And there’s no money involved – it’s just for fun, really!"

Cannonball on ITV

"You get to know some of the people that are doing it as well," adds Frankie. "We we are interviewing them before they go on and when they come off, and I don’t think you really get that in Wipeout."

Is Cannonball dangerous?

From some of the bellyflops to the huge heights that people are flung through the air, Cannonball seems a bit scary!

"No, it’s not!" insists Frankie. "A couple of bruises, but that’s what’s so nice about it. People are doing it just for a laugh, just to test themselves – it’s not to win something at the end and everyone that’s watched it or seen it really wants to have a go."

"I think as well it’s an opportunity for the underdogs," says Freddie. "We see all these programmes that are tests of endurance or athleticism. Well this isn’t. Anyone can beat anyone."

Will there be a celebrity version of Cannonball?

"I think there are going to be so many people that will want to do it – celebrity or non-celebrity," explains Frankie. "Hopefully they’ll all be gagging for the chance to have a go – I think there will be some people who would be really funny to watch. I think Gemma Collins would be a good one. I think she’d be a screamer!"

Freddie, meanwhile, reckons there are "a few people" he'd like to see take on Blob, Jump and Knockout. "Piers Morgan would be a good one..."

Why should we watch Cannonball?

"Just to have fun," according to Freddie. "I can imagine watching it with my kids and them just laughing out loud when people are face-planting into the water.

"Kids are going to love it – don’t take it too seriously, it’s people testing themselves. They are competing but ultimately it’s a lot of fun. It’s a laugh!"


Cannonball airs on Saturday nights at 7pm on ITV.


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