Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an audition?


Well, ITV is going to peek behind the curtain in their brand new entertainment series The Big Audition.

Airing autumn 2018, here's everything you need to know about the new series:

What is The Big Audition?

Whether it's performers auditioning for the lead in a West End production, aspiring TV presenters going for a big gig or even hand models wanting to be cast for a new ad campaign, The Big Audition is going to follow prospective auditionees as they chase their dreams.

It's a six-part series – and it sounds like it could well be fascinating. And just a little bit brutal.

The show is from Twenty Twenty, the same producers behind First Dates, and also uses 'fixed rig' cameras to candidly capture exactly what's going on.

Clair Breen, Twenty Twenty Executive Producer, said: "We’re used to seeing huge shiny floor talent competitions but rarely do we get to see what happens in the everyday audition process, away from the TV studios and the glamour.

"From the serious to the ridiculous, auditions bring out the best, worst and most competitive in people, and our fixed rig cameras were there to capture it."

Can I apply for The Big Audition?

Although the programme makers were looking for both seasoned professionals and first-time auditionees, according to the show's casting website, applications for this series of The Big Audition have now closed.

When is The Big Audition on TV?

As yet, there's no confirmed air date or time for The Big Audition. However, when ITV announce it, we'll let you know here.


The Big Audition will air on ITV in 2018